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Join us in any of our class concepts for a uniquely curated
fitness experience in our state-of-the-art LA flagship.

LEKFIT equipment needs are on a strategic rotation from week to week.
Check here to see what equipment you will need for your LEKFIT class!

October 18-October 24
LEKFIT 6lb ankle weights
LEKFIT tube band

All equipment is available for purchase or rental at the LEKFIT studio.

346 S. La Brea Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90036

Our Classes

We believe a workout should be equal parts  fun and effective. Physical fitness is an opportunity to celebrate our bodies ability to move rather than punish it.  We encourage all LEKFIT clients to intuitively choose their workout as we strive to eliminate rigid schedules that can lead to burn out and often times resulting in a lack of desire to keep up with fitness goals. Our class concepts are designed to compliment each other allowing LEKFIT clients to easily choose based on daily personal physical fitness needs. 


Boost is our signature cardio and muscle sculpting full-body workout. Boost classes include a warm-up, low impact, high-intensity cardio session using a rebounder, leg, arm and core series plus a cool down.


Bold is our signature complete cardio concept. Our BOLD classes include a warm-up, low impact + high-intensity cardio session using The LEKFIT rebounder plus a cool down.


Hype is our signature cardio plus full-body muscle sculpting concept. Our Hype classes include intervals cardio, leg, arm and core series plus a cool down.


Define is our signature intense full-body mat class. Define is designed to focus on slow and controlled movements. Define classes include a warm-up, leg, arm and core series plus cool down and stretch.


Immerse yourself in ninety minutes of LEKFIT cardio + muscle sculpting techniques with the perfect combination of the week's content for the ultimate sweat session.


Experience LEKFIT with a personalized workout. We highly recommend these intimate one-on-one or intimate group sessions for beginners, those seeking modifications for injuries, pre/postnatal or simply to perfect some moves or form. Whatever you’re needing, we’ve got you!