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“I’m currently four months pp and started the mama exercises at 2 weeks - it really helped me recover quickly”

"I was not ready for this, but boy did I love it! It challenges me in a brand new way. You’re absolutely right that these routines are NEVER boring. Thanks for the awesome sweat session today!"

"Music so good and vibey. Amazed how there is ALWAYS fresh music without many repeats ever!!!!!"

“Loved it! I'm feeling it everywhere! I love how my body feels after a full body workout. You always deliver!”

“I’ve been with LEKFIT since 2017… I love the workouts so much! I have never enjoyed a workout as long as this one. I’m 51 and it gets harder to keep weight off but this definitely helps. I work out before I go to work at least 4 days a week and it has been so good for my mental health. It just doesn’t just better then this!🖤🖤🖤”

“I started maybe 7 months ago and love it. I started doing the In Thirty’s and Jetset and have recently started doing Bold, Boost, Define, etc. I probably do it 4-5 days a week. Before that I was working out and just not seeing the results I wanted. I’ve lost about 10 pounds, my clothes fit better, and my back pain is almost gone. I’m so impressed by the functional movement aspect. It’s been a pretty steep learning curve for me, maybe because I don’t have a dance background but I have also been trying to look at the challenges as a way to grow and get stronger and more flexible. I love it and crave the workouts.”

“I’ve been doing it since 2017. I’ve toned up after two pregnancies, but the more I do it the more it’s become about my mental health. There’s something about the endorphins and pushing myself more and more that keeps me grounded. And I (mostly) look forward to it in a way that I never have with any other workout”

"Just a moment to fangirl over Lauren- the way you are able to crank up your focus when you know the ~streamers~ will need it is so incredible. No matter what is happening in the background you’re able to capture our attention and crank the tempo to make our minds go quiet and our bodies take over. It’s really what I love most about this method- I’ll press play with SO MUCH SHIT on my mind and Lauren just gets me to focus the fuck IN ON ME. Lauren just instinctively knows when to give extra instructions or queuing based on the bodies in the room- I’ve been in the studio IRL to see it happen and it makes you really want to try to keep up and have fun and I really appreciate that it’s always been about trying - not being perfect 🖤Anyway, love this class and I love all these baddies who do LEKFit - new or “vets” , we all need this right now and you can feel the women supporting other women thru the screen💅🏼🔥🧨"

“Can I just say, as someone who has ADD, COLLIDE always keeps me engaged as it has so much variety. I love all the concepts but the way my brain works my mind easily wanders so if nothing else I always do Collide !!!”

“I just upgraded to the LEKFIT one after wearing out two other brands over the last year. It’s soooo much better. The surface is much tighter and it makes the workout harder.”

“It’s the BEST rebounder!!! Definitely purchase all the weights! a world of difference!!! It’s strong and stable. Almost like you’re on a gymnastics floor. Plenty of space🖤” 

“Blood is pumping, sweat is dripping and muscles on 🔥! Even the rain this morning can’t get me down after that mood boosting workout. 🖤”

"the staff here is so amazing. its like therapy walking in here!" 

“Same, the only thing that I’ve stuck with and quit my gym membership” 

“This boost is exceptional: every muscle trembles! The video with the class increases energy and the lights are perfect! 🔥🖤💦”

“LEKFIT rebounder is the only one I’ll ever use!! Worth it’s weight in gold!! 😍”

"love the single leg hops! I remember when I first started and thought "this is ridiculous move ill never be able to do" and today I crushed every set of them! Love this progression & love LEK."

"Almost repeated boost as I loved it so much. Glad I did encore, really enjoyed it and so great to have a fresh workout every day 😊😍"

"40th Birthday Define complete! Thank you Lauren for helping me get the strongest I’ve ever been. Health is such a gift and I’m grateful to move with all of you! 🖤🖤🖤"

“I love Chill for breaks during my workday. I sit on a ball at my desk but I still get stiff from sitting so it's just the right amount of energizing and helps me to refocus 🖤”

“This has been one of my most favorite weeks. Everything about it was absolute perfection. I didn’t realize how much I enjoy the addition of the heavier weights. The plank, squat, rise series was amazing. 🖤”

“Fuck yeah Lauren. I’ve been LEKFit’n for almost 3 yrs now and this was a top 5 💥💥💥I’m drenched, I’m spent, I’m peaceful and most of all I’m stronger than I was before, and it’s rad bc I know I’ll keep growing Can’t stop won’t stop! Thanks y’all🖤”

“It’s my one year jumpiversary! To celebrate I stacked Boost and Define even though quad week is the most challenging for me. A year ago I couldn’t even do a burpee or plank and I killed them today y’all. Both body and mind have undergone massive transformation over the past year and I’m just so proud of every single time I pushed play (310/365). Eternal gratitude to you, Lauren 🖤”

“Love @lekfit tramp and define classes. The rebounder is low- impact and gets your heart-rate up while the toning moves really sculpt your body. I like how the workout room is heated and super spacious. They email clients what props to bring weekly (i.e. dumbbells, ankle weights) which is very helpful. And the space is gorgeous, feels like a cozy home. Plus they have showers so I can freshen up before I continue with the rest of my day. Definitely recommend! ✨”

“Every week i think, how can she beat this one, and then she makes me forget because the new one is that GOOD-thank you for the amazing variety of workouts EVERY week! 🖤🖤” 

“INCREDIBLE core series in this week’s Define. I’m amazed at how strong I’ve become!”

“dripping in sweat and beat red after that but I CRUSHED that sessions class! LEK you are an artist, truly!”

“that was so exhilarating, thank you! Lauren really outdid herself this week!”

“one of my favorites. Flowed so nicely!”

“this was everything I needed today, thank you!”

“so good! I have loved this week and I look forward to next week.”

“I love the full body sequences in this class! that last leg with the rebounder is fire”

“wow! incredible class! put me in an instant good mood! shaking form head to toe!”

“thank you thank you! So much fun! I love it!”

“I am fucking obsessed! cannot wait to wake up and do these!”

“Lekfit is the only workout method that keeps me engaged!”

“the playlists lately are magical!”

“deceptively difficult! I am completely in love!”

“such a great class! I modified for baby bump but it was so good! thank you”

“amazing boost!! I’m already so sore, my legs are on fire!”

“boy, Lauren was not kidding when she said we would feel lots of new muscles this week! That leg series was just killer! ”

“these inversions were so fun, I’m dripping sweat, and the playlist was fire!”

“these are an amazing new addition! I’ve been craving some slow movement and this hit the spot! I feel so chill now. thank you!”

“I love when the leg series has multiple parts to it like the ones in Boost this week - on and off the rebounder, lunges and squats and planks and kicks all combined. LOVE!”


“woot!! woot!! love a BOLD on monday!”

“simply beautiful!”

“every time I think it won’t top the last class, it totally does! Thank you for always challenging me”

“so so good no other words. lauren’s the GOAT.”

“well that was so much fun!”

“love this! thank you LEK!!! what a burn! looking forward to next week!”

“so good! Love to get lost in it.”