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death by leg lifts and planks. such an intense burn all the way to the end. i’m so excited yet terrified for what’s to come!

i’m a sweaty mess over here! pure joy, thank you!

honestly so good! I love the inspiration you gave and also LOVE the cues during the plank series. I love being able to concentrate on my form and what i’m doing rather than having to look up at the screen. thank you so much! xoxo

wow, incredible class! put me in an instant good mood. shaking from head to toe!”

this is so hard but i totally lost myself in the music!

speechless-exactly what i needed, thank you!

lauren and the LEKFIT fam…i don’t know how you knew i needed this today. especially, the ending with the clapping and jumping. i came home from work anxiety ridden and just wanted to go to sleep. but, i put on LEKFIT and gave every last bit of me. thank you, thank you, thank you! now, just need to make it through the week! you will be there guiding me! love you!

everything i didn’t know i needed!

thank you guys, amazing class! just what I needed this morning…wow the energy!

lauren, your music selection and choreography are perfection! i have redone this first 15 minutes on repeat for a quick 30 minute cardio because i am so in love!

i’m so sore this weekend!!! those ankle weights…i’m dead…loved it!

i love you LEKFIT! i say a prayer after every workout in gratitude for you just so you know how amazing you all are! love you peeps!

my favorite part about LEKFIT is not having to think about what area to focus on. The method does all that work for us. I always look forward to reading the weekly focus!

appreciate you all so much-eternal gratitude for your devotion to this community!

i mean…that was ridiculous…in the best way!

well apparently I hold a lot of grief in my thighs bc I started CRYING SO HARD during the cool down release! thanks y’all, I’m beyond grateful to this little corner of the world we all share together!

OMG, lauren, I can’t tell you how much that amazing sweat changed my entire day! tears and so much love for you and LEKFIT!

dripping! another fabulous class, burned it out!


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