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join us in any of our class concepts for a strategically
curated fitness experience in our state-of-the-art LA flagship.


BOLD is our signature complete cardio concept. our BOLD classes include a warm-up, low impact + high-intensity cardio session using the LEKFIT rebounder plus a cool down

runtime: 45 minutes.


HYPE is our signature cardio plus full-body muscle sculpting concept. our HYPE classes include intervals of cardio, leg, arm and core series plus a cool down

runtime: 48-60 minutes.


BOOST is our signature cardio and muscle sculpting full-body workout. BOOST classes include a warm-up, low impact, high-intensity cardio session using a rebounder, leg, arm and core series plus a cool down

runtime: 48-60 minutes.


DEFINE is our signature intense full-body mat class. DEFINE is designed to focus on slow and controlled movements. DEFINE classes include a warm-up, leg, arm and core series plus cool down and stretch

runtime: 48-60 minutes.


with LEKFIT ENCORE, we strive to bring you a different take on the LEKFIT studio experience! when you’re with us, in person, you’ll follow along in the weekly focus with a variety of instructors, playlists and even some different moves. our ENCORE workouts are our way of giving YOU, at home, this same variety

runtime: 48-60 minutes.


LEKFIT COLLIDE: where your NOW, meets your NEXT. we are bringing you a NEW workout combining what you are currently doing in this week's in the studio (ITS) workouts with what you can expect in the upcoming week

runtime: 48-60 minutes.


immerse yourself in ninety minutes of LEKFIT cardio + muscle sculpting techniques with the perfect combination of the week's content for the ultimate sweat session

runtime: 90 minutes.


experience LEKFIT with a personalized workout. we highly recommend these intimate one-on-one or intimate group sessions for beginners, those seeking modifications for injuries, pre/postnatal or simply to perfect some moves or form. whatever you’re needing, we’ve got you!

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LEKFIT equipment needs are on a strategic rotation from week to week.
Check here to see what equipment you will need for your LEKFIT class!

January 24-January 30
LEKFIT gloves
LEKFIT 3lb ankle weights
LEKFIT 3lb dumbbells
LEKFIT tube band

All equipment is available for purchase or rental at the LEKFIT studio. Skip the hassle, get a locker with your LEKFIT 346 membership to store all your gear.

346 S. La Brea Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90036