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Amazing! This is my first-week doing LEK and day just keeps getting better! I can't wait to workout again tomorrow! 

Wow - I did define this morning! I was intimidated at first but once I got into it I felt so strong!! Love feeling like I do when I'm done.

This was so good! And I forever LOVE LEK reminding me to relax my face, I feel completely taken care of like she's here with me.

Amazing again! That inner thigh blast and arm series are amazing! Thank you for working so hard for us every day to produce the best content!
You are a star! 

My first LEKFIT workout ever and as an ex-pro athlete, I can say this workout kicked my a** and I loved every sweaty minute of it!!! Sending love from Germany 

Love, love, love!
I truly am so grateful for the quality content that we get every week
-Thank you!! 

I can't stop saying it:
I love LEKFIT so much.
LEKFIT makes my day everyday.
Thanks a lot for such a great and different workout.

One of my favorite ever. The body, the music and the energy all together the same time and place. Amazing.
It's sweaty-mindfulness workout.
Thanks a lot from Argentina.

Yes!! I love you LEKFIT.
You know exactly what makes us feel sexy-strength and don’t even get me started on the playlist.

I am not a dancer but these classes make me feel like I could be one day. Thank you for aiding my winter survival while making working out fun and personal.

I love feeling like I am part of a community that celebrates movement, music and strength. I work remotely and these classes are perfect for any time of day with no excuses about commutes, timing, parking, daylight etc.

I love intricate choreography but I really enjoyed this simple straight forward class. Gave my brain a break while my body was worked thoroughly!

I think I just grew an ab.
God bless you LEKFIT!

I actually didn't think LEK could get harder, you are crazy but amazing!!

This is no joke!
Pouring with sweat by the end

If you wouldn't mind passing onto the team : I've been a member for about a year and a half. I love all the new Jetset workouts. Im traveling in SE Asia for 4 months and I do my workout everyday! Just Thanking them for awesome content. Cheers!!

I am so soaking with sweat!


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